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Terrorway review - Absolute [ep] @ Pestwebzine a cura di Adrian.

Terrorway is an Italian band founded in 2009 and this is their debut EP, a 5 tracks work totaling 23 minutes of modern aggressive metal how they call it, and I have to agree with that labelling. The recording has a modern sound, very polished and making full use of the technical capabilities of a good studio. Their music, beside being aggressive and modern is progressive-oriented too, so by naming Messhuggah as one of the bands strongly influencing Terrorway's music you won't be wrong. I have to mention here the good technical abilities for the instrumentists and the vocalist who, although not being very versatile, uses many "tricks" to keep his parts interesting and not monotone. I'm very pleased with this band's potential and I can only recommend you their debut EP for a taste of what they can do. Great debut EP, get it!

Reviewed by Adrian

Rating: 8.5/10


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