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Terrorway from Italy releases their second album with 'Blackwaters' and it is quite a technical and varied album. Their sound is leaning towards the cyber metal of Fear Factory and Strapping Young Lad in the heavy parts or even Dillinger Escape Plan sometimes. During the more timid passages they show a different side of themselves because they display some jazz influences on the title track that certainly lifts the song to a higher level and are good for holding your attention. Like the whispering voice on 'In A Swamp' as well that gives the song that creepy feeling and together with the staccato riffs this makes it the strongest song on the album. Not every song is at the same level but every song does hold something good. Unfortunately the vocals by Valentino Casseroti are pretty flat and he is screaming too much but the general impression is that this is a fine debut in a market that is full of technical bands. Terrorway definitely shows talent but on their second album they will have to show that they can compete with the best. If they find  way to put all good ideas in the right place then the second album will be brilliant.


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