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It is always nice to listen to something that you are not used to. The more you listen to something outside of your comfort zone is a great way to help expand your knowledge of music, whether it be positive or negative. Writing for this site, I usually get a lot of metalcore, deathcore, and death metal. Now I love those genres but it is nice to get something out of left field. Now I am not saying that Terrorway is completely out of left field but it is something that I have never reviewed before.

The main reason that this band is different than past reviews is the band’s sound and the influences that made that sound. The influences that Terrorway has are mostly 90’s and early 2000’s bands. Influences include Pantera, At the Gates, Lamb of God, The Haunted, and Meshuggah. If you combine all those bands into one as well as throw in a small death metal influence and early metalcore like Unearth and you are going to end up with Terrorway.

The first thing you are going to notice about this EP is the riffs. You can definitely hear the Pantera/Lamb of God influence. The riffs are full of groove but it is more of a slow-paced groove. It is not like the circle-pit inducing riffs that Lamb of God writes but more of a Meshuggah-like groove. Also mixed with the groove is the melodies that are borrowed from At the Gates. They pop up less than the groove parts however. I would have liked to hear more melodies because while the grooves were enjoyable, they felt a little too simplistic.

The first song on the EP, “Her Last Breath,” is exactly what I just said, simplistic yet enjoyable grooves with melodies thrown in. The next song, “Art of Discernment,” starts off with a bang. A nice drum fill followed by an all out assault of aggression. Everything in this song is amplified times eleven. The grooves are heavier, the melodies are heavier, and the vocals are more brutal. The vocalist sticks to a medium range throughout the EP but on this song he busts out some deep gutturals. There is one part of this song that left my head scratching. There is an awkward transition into a guitar solo about midway in the song. It is totally off-putting and kills the momentum the song had, plus the guitar solo itself seemed too awkward and too random. “Survivalist Instinct” starts off with again a pretty simple groove but then goes into clean singing, which took me off guard. It actually sounded really good and I wish there was more of it on this EP. It is very eerie sounding but at the same time really something elegant. “Threshold of Pain” and “Substance of the Way” follow almost the same trend that “Her Last Breath” had, which was it is a cool song and something that I can headbang too but it’s a little simple.

Terrorway definitely know how to write some good old metal. There is a lot of variation here with the vocals and the clean vocals and the occasional gutturals as well as the grooves and melodies you hear with the music. I have a very strong feeling that these guys are very talented. If they can write good songs now, imagine if they bumped up the musicianship just a little bit. However, for now this is just a good EP. If they had some better riffs in there and fixed some song structure issues then this could have been a great EP.

Rating: 7/10


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